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  • China Focusight Technology Co.,Ltd company profile
  • China Focusight Technology Co.,Ltd company profile
  • China Focusight Technology Co.,Ltd company profile
  • China Focusight Technology Co.,Ltd company profile
  • China Focusight Technology Co.,Ltd company profile
  • China Focusight Technology Co.,Ltd company profile
Company Details
Main Market: North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer
Brands: Focusight
No. of Employees: 500~1000
Annual Sales: 150000000-200000000
Year Established: 2009
Export p.c: 80% - 90%

Focusight Technology Co.,Ltd

Company Profile

Focusight Technology is a Professional Company in machine vision and automation to provide complete solution of industrial image detection and supporting for all manufacturing industries throughout the world. Our Company is dealing in printing and packaging image detection and related automation equipment, electronics and semiconductor testing, glass testing, film testing, automotive precision parts, electronic product appearance detection and assembly automation equipments.

The company has an earliest domestic R&D team engaging in machine vision system and automated development. The R&D team have more than 10 years of experience in optical, image detection software, machinery, electrical and other image detection core technology and supporting the development of automation direction . By our continuous effort in, ”core technology accumulation and technological innovation”, company is now on a leading position.

At present, the company's head office and production department is located at Changzhou and R&D department is in Shanghai, also our subsidiary of automation equipment is set up in Suzhou. At the same time we have professional marketing and customer service centers in Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Kunming and Jinan and other places. Cities the market is from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, India, and Middle East, extended to Europe then, North America, South America and other countries around the world. Company is seeking to succeed customer expectations, to create the largest customer value, to promote the manufacturing industry from the automation into the intelligent mission!

Our vision

Technology and wisdom create qualified products and improve the quality of life!

Our mission

Provide the top machine vision equipment and system solution, create the long-term customer value, and promote the manufacturing industry to move towards the intelligence from automation.

Core value

Reverence and compassio:The so-called “reverence” advocated by us means handling affairs in accordance with the nature of things, complying with the truth of nature, observing the objective laws, taking the thoroughfare, and holding in awe. The so-called “Compassion” means behaving in accordance with the nature of human beings, abandoning the selfish desire, showing solicitude for others, keeping the heart of altruism, and cherishing the sympathy.

Make our customers successful : The motivation of our survival and development is derived from our customers' satisfaction for our product and service. Our largest commitment to our customers is to regard our customers' benefit as the supreme benefit, the customer(our customers') need as the primary need, and our customers' satisfaction as the only standard for inspecting our working achievement, providing the high quality products, total solution, superior service and the lowest price for the customers, and continuously creating the maximum and the most permanent customer value.

Make our staff successful : Staff are the fundamental of success for Focusight. The serious and responsible staff in pursuit of excellence are the largest wealth of Focusight. We respect for knowledge, personality and individual demand, advocate the mutual respect between the enterprise and staff, between the superior and subordinate, and among staff, and treat each other sincerely. We pay attention to gaining the team results by the collectivity struggling, and also we are proud of facilitating the self achievement and ability improvement of staffs and realizing the individual wealth return .

Perseverance : When our intelligence and belief meet with the difficulty and frustration, we believe that the great people in ancient times were the ones who were either talented at a certain field, or had the willpower of perseverance. We advocate going forward along our direction firmly by the insensitive strong will, rather than facing up to the problems and difficulties by the sharp sensitivity and temporary intelligence. The power of insensitivity is not only the method, but also the wisdom for us.

Truth seeking and innovation:Truth seeking and innovation: We hold that the innovation focusing on the customers' demand is the soul to push us forward and take a leading role. We think that the innovation can not be achieved at one stroke, its realization needs long periods of hard accumulation. Innovation is a kind of philosophy rather than an action. It is derived from our courage of seeking the truth recklessly, from our insatiable spirit of extensive learning and seeking knowledge, from our attitude of respecting for the truth beyond the material gain and human feelings, and from our devotion to the industry and customer and our investigation and survey of going deep into the reality. We constantly discard the dross and keep the finer part, eliminate the false and retain the true, improve continuously, make great efforts to enhance ,and embrace the innovation all around in technology, application, process, design, marketing and management.

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2009 - Focusight establish 5 person. In September, a laser light source with light column was developed

2010 - Focusight 35 people

In December, we developed a dome light source, which can better adapt to the imaging of laser products.

In October, the fs300 single detection platform was developed, and the original air floating side wheel transmission technology was adopted, with the maximum speed of 120 m / min. And in turn into the cigarette testing market.

In March, fs-shark single sheet Detection Software v1.0 was developed.

2011 - Focusight 68 people

In November, the off-line detection system v2.0 of curly cigarette label was released, and the outage efficiency of review was optimized. It provides a complete solution for cigarette label curl delivery.

In April, fs-id-1020, a monitoring code detection system based on line scanning, was developed and presented at the Shandong customer promotion meeting. The maximum speed can reach 150 m / min.

In March, we developed the fs300b single sheet detection platform, a new VI design, and successfully launched it at the South China Printing Exhibition. The highest speed is 140 m / min, and it has double vertical paper receiving functions of waste and finished products .

2012 - Focusight 84 people

In November, V3.0 based on 200m / min high-speed detection system was released.

In September, tube illuminant was developed and its illumination brightness exceeded 400000 lux.

In May, fs300b products of the company participated in the drupa exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, and successfully sold to customers in Dubai.

In January, the company completed the most stringent GS certification in Europe to ensure the safety certification of products sold overseas.

2013 - Focusight 150 people

In December, the annual performance doubled and the output value reached 100 million.

In October, we began to expand quality detection solutions in new areas such as consumer electronics, tobacco crops, etc.

In May, fs-gecko500 star products were released, and the full suction transmission platform effectively solved the scratch and other problems of high-end products. Once the product is released, it will contribute tens of millions of output value to the company in that year.

2014 - Focusight 180 people

In August, Suzhou automation company was established to greatly enhance the design and production capacity of non-standard automation equipment. At the same time, South China Automation team was established to respond to the needs of consumer electronics customers in South China in the first time .

In June, the company moved its headquarters from Shanghai to Wujin economic development zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. Workshop shipments doubled, the company has become a model high-tech enterprise in Wujin economic development zone.

2015 - Focusight 200 people

In October, the sales of testing and automation solutions in various industries were satisfactory, with an increase of 51% over the same period last year.

In August, many technological breakthroughs were made in the fields of electronic product appearance detection and automation, tobacco crop grading detection and automation, and the number of new customers doubled.

In June, it won the title of "high tech enterprise", passed the certification of "Changzhou high tech products", and participated in the drafting of national standards.

In February, it system construction of the company was promoted, and PLM, ERP and other systems were planned to go online to ensure the implementation of three major business processes (IPD, LTC, ITR).

2016 - Focusight 240 people

In December, it won the title of "Jiangsu service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise".

In July, we designed and developed the tobacco leaf deployment and attachment structure, completed the research and development of the third generation prototype, and introduced artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithm into the classification software.

In July, participated in the drafting of the line standard JB / t12373-2015 platform type single sheet paper printing quality testing machine, which was officially released

In March, iPhone project R & D and import successfully opened the door of machine vision appearance inspection in 3C industry.

2017 - Focusight 300 people

In December, the research and development of the fourth generation tobacco leaf sorting system was completed, and the algorithm of deep learning software was improved.

In October, "intelligent visual inspection equipment for graphene diaphragm products" was recognized as "the first major equipment and key components in Jiangsu Province" by Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission.

In March, we reached a strategic cooperation with AVT Israel to jointly launch a cost-effective 100% detection solution for the Chinese market.

In January, the mobile phone business department was established and operated independently.

2018 - Focusight 350 people

In August, the 10th anniversary of the establishment of ZhengTu, FS deep AI industry deep learning core algorithm platform released

In July, mobile phone business department successfully developed watch knob and other devices

In April, lighting plus software, a powerful testing software, was launched for the first time


Focusight Technology is a Professional Company
in machine vision and automation to provide complete solution of industrial image detection
and supporting for all manufacturing industries throughout the world.


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Our Team

Founded in 2009, the headquarter is located in Changzhou (covering an area of 22000 m2) and has branches in Suzhou (covering an area of 3000 m2) and Shenzhen (covering an area of 3000 m2). There are 500 employees, 280 R & D personnel, more than 80% of undergraduates, 6 doctors and 200 masters.


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