How to see the difference after the epidemic? —— Come Dongguan to see the printing exhibition in 2023!

March 13, 2023

The 2023 spring has arrived, but the world in front of us is getting faster, and everyone seems to be surrounded by uncertainty. After the epidemic, how should we move forward?

Adhering to the goal of "intelligent manufacturing" industrial upgrading is the most powerful guarantee for us to jointly fight against future uncertain risks. Focusight Technology Co., Ltd. continues to create a complete solution for high-quality printing quality inspection, helping printing enterprise customers to achieve industrial upgrading!

The printing industry is also following the footsteps of spring and ushering in recovery. In April, Guangdong International Printing Technology Exhibition came as scheduled. Zhengtu will present its star products, let's take a look at the printing exhibition together:

1. Pasting Box Online FS-SHARK-N650 Quality Inspection Machine

The paste box online FS-SHARK-N650 quality inspection machine loads the newly developed easy-to-use software. The modeling is simple, the fast lock detection target is extracted automatically, and the drawing modeling is done at one time. Operators can learn and use, and product switching can also be easily dealt with.

Easy to use software 3 minutes fast modeling:


  1. Automatic extraction of text and patterns, drawing hierarchical parameters;
  2. Quick call of history template, fast cutting single;
  3. Super strong production and consumption statistical analysis report.


Negative Spacing Mode


  1. Breakthrough the bottleneck of the traditional single-sheet trigger collection mode, eliminates the abnormal trigger acquisition logic, and increases the production capacity by more than 30%, so as to meet the actual demand of the mainstream paste box online equipment in the market.


Other Highlights - High-Speed


  1. Detection speed: up to 320 meters / minute;
  2. Save manpower: Paste box line can save labor cost, off-line inspection paper collection and paste box feeding paper need just 2 persons;
  3. Flexible conversion: can be converted to offline docking of multiple low-speed paste box machines;
  4. Reduce scratches: printing face down to reduce the scratch of the card knife on the printed matter.


2. FS-SWAN Offset Printing Online Testing System

Equipment advantages:


  1. Offset printing complete inspection instead of sampling inspection, large waste, continuous waste will no longer miss the net;
  2. Through the order production and consumption and defect type statistics control, greatly improve the good rate;
  3. Yield complement statistics prompt, to achieve accurate complement.



Machine substitution:

Faster, more accurate, easier to use, more stable. The printing and inspection equipment can effectively prevent the outflow of defective products from the factory, improve the detection efficiency, and greatly save labor.

Reduce cost and consumption:

Through pre-press version, printing online detection, timely detection of errors, put an end to continuous scrapping, from the source to reduce raw material consumption.

"Customer Achievement" is the most important corporate culture. To create value for customers is the foundation of our foothold. We sincerely invite you to visit the drawing booth to learn more about the print control upgrade plan.

Focusight booth number: 4A-1201

Exhibition time: April 11-15, 2023

Exhibition address: Dongguan, china Guangdong modern international exhibition center.