No More "lot of Manpower"​...... The flower business have advantage! ——Focusight flower intelligent Inspection and automatic packaging Equipment

March 15, 2023

Latest company news about No More "lot of Manpower"​...... The flower business have advantage! ——Focusight flower intelligent Inspection and automatic packaging Equipment

Part 1 Self-pleasure economy" drives flower consumption

In the past, flowers were bound to important festivals and scenes such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and marriage proposals, and "pleasing others" was the main motivation for consumption; new pursuit. Especially since the epidemic, young people can reap a lot of happiness by buying themselves a bouquet of flowers and placing them on their desks or dining tables.

The "self-pleaser economy" has made flowers a daily consumption. In 2021, my country's flower retail market will reach 220.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.5% compared to 2020. It is estimated that by 2031, the annual market consumption demand for flowers in my country will reach 500 billion yuan.


Part 2 Opportunities and challenges for flower enterprises

The rapidly growing market, flower enterprises in Yunnan, the "big flower province", are facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. Through soilless cultivation, it is possible to grow flowers all year round, which also means that the output has been greatly increased, and the demand for labor has grown rapidly (both the number of workers and the hours of employment are increasing). In recent years, labor costs have been rising. If the efficiency of the flower business is not good, there may even be an embarrassing situation where the output per mu of land is not enough to pay the wages of a labor force.

Taking the flower grading process that requires a lot of manpower as an example, there are actually many problems in manual grading:


  • The training time is long, the labor intensity is high, and the turnover of personnel is large;
  • The accuracy rate of manual classification is not high, it is highly subjective, and it is greatly disturbed by external factors such as professional level, mood, and pressure;
  • It is difficult to recruit people, and it is even more difficult to retain people.


These problems lead to large loss of flower products and rapid decline in quality, which affects the sales price and seriously damages the interests of flower companies.

How to solve the problems of difficult recruitment and many manual grading problems? How to gain a leading edge in market competition by improving the quality of flowers?

Part 3. Focusight flower Intelligent Grading Equipment

Some flower companies in Yunnan have taken the lead in finding a sharp tool to help them break through the "artificial intelligence" - the flower intelligent grading equipment developed by Focusight. Focusight has done a lot of research and testing on domestic flower varieties, which can effectively replace manual work to improve efficiency, improve grading accuracy, and reduce flower material loss, thereby improving flower quality and ex-factory prices.


The flower intelligent grading equipment developed by Focusight has the following features:


  • It has the function of measuring the length of flower stem and petal, and can distinguish multiple levels according to the needs of enterprises;
  • It has the functions of multi-variety flower grading, flower head size grading, and flower openness grading;
  • It can perform flower stem inspection and partial flower damage inspection, and has more than 30 sub-bin functions;
  • Only 4 people are required to load the material, and the production capacity of the equipment is not less than 8000 pieces per hour when the equipment is in normal and continuous operation per unit time.



Compared with foreign flower automatic grading machines in the Netherlands and other countries, the Focusight collection adopts artificial intelligence algorithms to adapt to more varieties, and the grading accuracy is higher; the grading level and the number of sub-bins can be customised; the operation is simple and easy to maintain, and the degree of intelligence is high.

Based on an average daily output of 80,000 flowers (16 people are required for manual grading, and only 4 people are needed for automatic grading equipment), labor costs can be saved by more than 400,000 yuan per year. 200,000 flower materials are wasted.


Part 4 Focusight flower automatic packaging equipment

In addition, on the basis of intelligent grading, the supporting flower automatic packaging equipment developed by Focusight further improves efficiency and saves labor.


  • Automatic packaging for every 10 pieces;
  • Adapt to different types of flowers, three widths of partition paper, and three different lengths of wrapping paper;
  • It can automatically connect with the front-end sorting equipment and transfer automatically;
  • It can accurately cut the stems of flowers of different lengths and grades;
  • The production efficiency of a single baler is ≥200 packs/hour;


Also optional: automatic bagging and labeling module after packing.


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